Processing lines for Chocolate
"Unlimited Variety"

Cold stamping technology

Cold stamping technology

The WDS-cold stamping technology produces highly accurate and uniform shell thicknesses for high quality filled products!

Chocolate products: Unlimited variety

Chocolate product
Chocolate product
Chocolate product
Chocolate product


  • Precisely defined shell thickness
  • Different chocolate types can be formed simultaneously in one shell (striped, marbled)
  • Compensation of different viscosities
  • Most simple exchange of stamping plates as no separation of refrigerant supply and electrical supply lines is necessary
  • Absolutely uniform shell formation by the use of vacuum tables

Technical Data

  • Plant speed up to 50 moulds / minute (depends on stamping time)
  • Mould size of 425 x 275 mm up to 1180 x 406.4 mm
  • Mould grouping up to 6 moulds / group