Control and drive technology

WDS only uses the latest control, drive and bus systems by international operating technology leader. All used systems are equipped with approved safety functions (at least "Safe Torque OFF").

Design, projection and programming are carried out by WDS!
For the electrical planning WDS uses the system EPLAN.

Control systems

WDS prefers to use the following control systems:

  • Siemens: S7 300/400 as plant and safety control with Safe-CPU. Programming environment Step7 with „distributed safety"
  • Bosch Rexroth: „MLC" (System Indramotion for packaging) as control system and Motion Controller with programming environment „Indraworks/Indracontrol"
  • Rockwell: Compact and Control Logix as plant and safety control with Safe-CPU. Programming environment RS-Logix
  • Customized special solutions on request

Drive solutions

Modern servo drive systems for an efficient and smooth plant operation. All WDS-machine types and variations can be controlled with the same drive technology. Following systems are used for these purposes:

  • Bosch Rexroth: „Indradrive/Indraworks“
  • Rockwell: Compact and Controll Logix
  • Siemens: Simotion

All solutions distinguish themselves in a special degree by energy efficiency caused by intermediate circuit coupling. The drive and maintenance concept enables a safe and easy setup mode for a quick troubleshooting in the benefit of high efficiency and plant availability. Permanent torque and drive monitoring protect the manufacturing plant and allow "preventive maintenance". Furthermore coordinated, flexible movement profiles ensure smooth product and plant operation.

The safe shutdown of single plant components and units ensures high plant availability. So for example modifications can be accomplished while the plant is still running. All servo axes are equipped with the function "Safe Torque OFF" for "save stop".

We use three-phase current norm motors of the efficiency class IE2 and IE3 together with frequency converters. The frequency converters are equipped with the function "save stop", too.

Bus-systems / communication interface

High-capacity bus-systems serve for quick communication between drive and control components as the plant visualization. According to the control system WDS relies on Ethernet based bus-systems (ProfiNet, EthernetIP, SercosIII) as well as on profibus.

HMI / visualization-systems

All WDS plants are equipped with high-capacity visualization-systems for a comfortable and intuitive handling. Depending on the application CE-devices (machine edition) or server client systems are used in addition to the visualization. These are:

  • Win CC flex (Siemens)
  • Win CC-server-client (Siemens)
  • Intouch (Invensys/Wonderware)
  • RS-View Machine edition (Rockwell)
  • RS-View server edition (Rockwell)

All systems allocate the same operating philosophy, with no regard to the installed control version. The functionality is as follows:

  • Graphic operator interface with touch-control
  • Parameter setting based on receipts for the complete machine
  • Change of parameters by touch of a button for quick exchange of products
  • Monitoring of all plant and process data
  • Display of the data as data and in trend
  • Error message in clear text, supported by graphics
  • Integrated help systems
  • Interfaces to QM-, ERP- and PPS systems are possible
  • Manual control units with graphic operator surface for quick setup mode at the plant.

Machinery safety

Use of integrated safety technology („Safety Integrated") on all used systems. Implementation according to valid norms as for example DIN EN ISO 13849 or NFPA 79. This contains among others:

  • Programmable safety functions with fail-safe controls
  • Fail-safe drives
  • Safety functions – based on stations
  • High flexibility, also by modifications and extensions

Switch cabinets and switch units

Adequate provision and manufacturing of switch cabinets according to the application:

  • Central or peripheral design
  • Switch cabinet – air-conditioned according to the corresponding temperature-rise computation
  • Execution in stainless steel or varnished
  • Execution according to hygiene design
  • UL certified

Machinery installation and cable run

Open grid channel installation or closed cable runs, as desired by the customer. Different voltages are separated within the cable runs. Maintenance switches for single drives or drives in groups customized.


The open control architecture as well as the available interfaces normally allow an easy extension of optional units. Consequently more free space remains for future requirements.

Remote maintenance

  • Access to all control and drive components
  • Preferred by VPN or team viewer via internet
  • Alternatively by integrated modem (partly limited functionality)

WDS-moulding plants with RFID-technology

This WDS-new development uses the RFID-technology to optimize process control, product control and mould logistics. RFID-supported moulding plants create various statistical evaluations, e.g. by direct transfer into the production data base. For this reason a continuous function planning and a high degree of process reliability is possible.