Processing lines for Chocolate
"Unlimited Variety"

Moulding plant Type 372 - Confectionary machines

Moulding plant Type 372

The WDS-Moulding plant type 372 is designed for the production of solid chocolate products with or without ingredients and filled products by means of One-Shot- as well as Triple-Shot technology.

Chocolate products: Unlimited variety

Chocolate products - Confectionary machines
Chocolate products - Confectionary machines
Chocolate products - Confectionary machines
Chocolate products - Confectionary machines
Chocolate products - Confectionary machines


  • Modularly designed, highly flexible manufacturing plants
  • By the modular design the plant can be adapted to future requirements of the market
  • Synchronous drive of all plant aggregates by servo motors with torque control
  • "Loose-mould-principle"
  • Ground clearance of min. 200 mm
  • Easy access by functional design of the elements

Components –Moulding plant type 372

Heating cabinet - Confectionary machine

Heating cabinet

  • Paternoster heating cabinet
  • Mould heating by adjustable warm airflow
  • Optimized airflow
  • Alternative: heating by heating section with the help of a heating radiator
Depositor - Confectionary machine


Depositors with servo-electrical drives in various designs according to customer requirements.

  • Mono-, One-Shot or Triple-Shot execution
  • Rotary valve or slide valve depositors
  • Depositors with separated pump systems
  • Depositors with thermally insulated pump systems
  • Extractable depositors
  • Depositors in “EasyClean” execution
Vibration station - Confectionary machine

Vibration station

  • Combined vertical and horizontal mould vibration
  • Customer-optimized execution
  • Stage vibration possible as well
Cooling cabinet - Confectionary machine

Cooling cabinet

  • Paternoster cooling cabinet
  • Cooling by an adjustable airflow
  • “Loose-Mould-Principle”
  • Mould is always aligned horizontally
Demoulding station - Confectionary machines

Demoulding station

  • Automatic product demoulding on belt or plaque
  • Product specific adjustable demoulding hammers
Mould exchanger incl. empty mould detector - Confectionary machines

Mould exchanger incl. empty mould detector

  • Mechanical or optical empty mould control
  • Automatic mould discharge and infeed
  • Semi-automatic mould set exchange

Technical Data

  • Plant speed up to 40 moulds / minute
  • Mould size of 425 x 275 mm up to 1180 x 406.4 mm
  • Output up to 10 t/h (depends on product, mould size and speed)