Manufacturing plants for Fondant and Toffee
"A must-eat pleasure"

Starchless Plant Typ 165

Fondant and Toffee Starchless Plants

The compact, modularly constructed depositing plant, type 165, is designed for the production of fondant, toffee, pectin and carrageen products.

Fondant and toffee products: Unlimited variety!

Fondant and toffee product
Fondant and toffee product
Fondant and toffee product
Fondant and toffee product
Fondant and toffee product


  • Servo electrical drives
  • Memory capacity for almost unlimited number of recipes
  • Frame construction of aluminium solid profiles with allied steel coating
  • Loose mould line with well-proven mould supports
  • Continuous product discharge
  • Hygienic and easy handling line conception

Components – moulding line type 165


Depositing station

  • Modular construction of the depositor.
  • Basic equipment is designed for mono-depositing.
  • Adding further components, One-Shot or Triple-Shot depositing is possible.
  • Thermal separation of the pump system is possible.
  • Deposit of complete mould with one depositing stroke.
  • In-line movement of hopper.
  • Hopper can be removed to the side.
  • Servo electrical drives
Cooling cabinet

Cooling cabinet

Layout of the cooling cabinet according to desired speed of line.

  • Mould transport by endless chain
  • Loose mould principle
  • Mould supports keep moulds always in horizontal position
  • Cooling station integrated in insulation cladding
  • Cooling by adjustable cold air stream
Demoulding station

Demoulding station

  • Demoulding of product by ejection roller on discharge belt
  • Mould return
  • Discharge of product in longitudinal direction of line
  • Adjustable height of product discharge
  • Demoulding station laterally extractable
Mould exchange station

Mould exchange station

Consisting of insertion and removal magazine.

  • Consisting of insertion and removal magazine
  • Paternoster principle
  • Up to 50 cycles / min
  • Servo electrical drives

Technical data

  • Speed of line up to 50 moulds / min
  • Mould size 1052 x 165 x 40 mm
  • Plastic frame with consolidated silicone inserts, lateral guides are part of the plastic frame
  • Capacity up to 2 t / h (depending on product weight and geometry)