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Starch conditioning

Starch conditioning

Specially developed plant for optimal and uniform starch powder conditioning independent of climatic conditions comprising:

  • Air conditioning unit
  • Exterior air filter
  • Exit air filter
  • Pocket filter with pre-filter
  • Air blower
  • Drying pipe for starch drying
  • Double-shaft cooling screw


  • Air flow principle
  • Smooth and gentle drying of all starch powder particles (no partial overheating)
  • Highest removal of moisture from the starch powder
  • Use of outside air independent of air conditioning.
  • Identical operation status during the whole year independent of the condition of the outside air by optimal air pre-cooling/drying
  • Energy recovery by cross-flow heat exchanger inlet/outlet air
  • Execution in accordance with latest explosion prevention (ATEX)
  • Only wet starch powder (not mixed starch powder) goes to the drying
  • Ease of operation and stringent hygiene level
  • Low maintenance

Technical data

  • Starch powder throughout up to 16.000 kg/h
  • Drying medium: hot air
  • Moisture extraction 1/3 of the original moisture