Manufacturing plants for Hard candy
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Candy production

Moulding line hard candy

The WDS Candy Wizard Type 163 is a compact, modularly designed plant for the manufacturing of hard candies.

Hard candy products: Unlimited variety

Hard Candy production
Hard Candy production
Hard Candy production
Hard Candy production
Hard Candy production
Hard Candy production
Hard Candy production
Hard Candy production
Hard Candy production
Hard Candy production


  • Servo-electrical drives
  • Storage memory for almost an unlimited number of recipes
  • Frame made of solid aluminum profiles with stainless steel cladding
  • Loose-mould system with the well-proven mould carriers
  • Continuous product delivery
  • Hygienic plant design, easy to operate and to service

Components-Moulding line for hard candies

Depositor - Candy production


  • Modular design of the depositor
  • The basic equipment is designed for Mono depositing
  • Possibility of One-Shot or Triple-Shot depositing by adding further components
  • Possibility of thermally insulated pump systems
  • Depositing of the entire mould in one depositing stroke
  • Movable depositing head
  • Depositing head can be pulled out to one side by hand
  • Servo-electrical drives
Cooling cabinet / Demoulding station - Candy production

Cooling cabinet / Demoulding station

Layout of the cooling cabinet depends on the required plant speed.

  • Mould transport by endless chain
  • “Loose-mould-principle”
  • Moulds are always aligned horizontally by the mould carrier
  • Cooling station integrated in insulation cladding
  • Cooling by adjustable cold airflow
  • Product demoulding by ejector roller onto discharge wire mesh belt
  • Mould returning device
  • Product discharge in longitudinal direction of the plant
  • Adjustable product discharge height
Mould exchanger - Candy production

Mould exchanger

For automatic lifting / insertion of moulds incl. empty mould detector.

  • Comprising inserting and lifting magazine
  • Paternoster principle
  • Up to 50 cycles / min.
  • Servo-electrical drives

Technical Data

  • Plant speed up to 50 moulds / minute
  • Mould size of 1052 x 135 x 40 mm
  • Coated aluminum mould, one ejector pin per product with return spring.
  • 4 product rows / mould
  • 136 products / mould
  • Capacity: up to 6800 articles / min.
  • Output exceeding 2 t/h (depending on product weight)