WDS invests in renewable energies

With the help of Simon Process Engineering GmbH from Neu-Bamberg and under the direction of Prof. Dr tech. Ralf Simon, a regenerative energy concept has been developed that will enable WDS to produce 60% of the energy it requires in the form of electricity and gas, at least in the summer months. For this purpose, 26 heat pumps with a total of 8 buffer tanks and 750 solar modules with a total output of 120 kW peak were installed on the roofs. In addition, 10 electromobility charging stations will be used in the future so that the company’s employees will also have a convenient means to charge their steadily growing fleet of private electric cars during working hours.

The installation and commissioning phases for all planned measures will be completed in the summer of 2023.

In addition to major investments, the constant monitoring and further development of existing resources also represent an important contribution to the conservation and sensible use of energy. At WDS, for example, the heat generated by laser systems or compressors in production is used during the heating season in order to reduce the reliance on the heating systems in the production halls. Existing heating systems are being continuously optimised, while state-of-the-art sensor systems provide data on heat levels in the office and production areas, thereby supporting the temperature control of the buildings.

In total, WDS has invested €1.5 million in improving its own carbon footprint, taking an important step towards avoiding fossil fuels to achieve greater sustainability. Managing Director Jessica Runkel and Energy Officer Andreas Forst see these measures as an important first step and intend to implement further measures together with Professor Simon. The goal is to equip all available roofs and potentially the parking areas with PV systems so that the company can generate 100% of its required energy itself, at least in the summer months.