With new products successfully in emerging markets

As a specialist in the development and manufacture of confectionery machines, we are one of the leading suppliers of technologies and machinery for the production of active OTC-sweets and cannabis products (OTC = Over the counter).

The number of confectionery products becoming sweets with health-promoting or biologically effective properties by adding various ingredients has been increasing for years. These products have a very large acceptance in the market e.g. as a nutritional supplement or nutraceutical, because consumers use them in many ways to support their individual health care. From vitamin candies to fruit gums for headaches or smoking cessation - the market is diverse and growing steadily.

There is also great growth potential in the pharmaceutical sector for over-the-counter medicines. Here it is e.g. medically effective painkillers or cannabis-based confectionery products.

Based on decades of experience, we offer our customers:

  • Complete development of individual OTC-sweets
  • Tailor-made production processes
  • Exact dosage of active ingredients
  • Hygienically perfect, GMP-compliant design