Variety and Surprise Effect by different Ingredients

Variety and Surprise Effect by different Ingredients

By using WDS-dosing systems for mixing ingredients, you increase the product variety and the recognition value of your confectionery

WDSBy adding ingredients, the taste experience of chocolate products varies. By mixing the desired additives into the chocolate mass via a feeder, there are countless possibilities to modify a product. Up to 30% of the prod-uct may consist of mixed supplements.


The ingredient is brought via conveyor into the dosing device. In such dosing device, the additive is either dosed gravimetrically or volumetrically and then fed through a screw dosing unit and a vibration trough or by a dosing plate evenly into the mixing unit. There, the ingredient mixes with the incoming tempered chocolate. For an optimum product quality, also the mixing unit is tempered. Subsequently, the mass runs into the hopper. The mixing device mixes your mass with a throughput of up to 3.200 kg/h.






The products to be mixed must have a free-flowing consistency, so they must not be contiguous. The classical ingredients such as nuts, almonds or hazelnuts can be processed as well as more unusual additives such as sesame, broken cookies or ginger cubes. If you decide for a gravimetric dosing, the ingredients are added to the chocolate mass with a dosing accuracy of ± 1%. At a volumetric dosage, the dosing accuracy is ± 3 %.

The dosing station is available in a fixed or in a mobile version. Thus, you can decide freely whether you want to work flexibly on several plants and want to maintain the accessibility of your depositor. In addition to the dosing device, your pump system and depositing bar should also be adjusted to the mass with ingredients.

You want more? With a second dosing unit, the WDS dosing system naturally adds two ingredients to your chocolate mass. Furthermore, additional flavour can be added. There is no limit to the variety of products with a WDS dosing system!



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Starch-free production of fruit gums with additives

Starch-free production of fruit gums with additives:

A successful cooperation!

WDSA major trend in the confectionery market in recent years is special fruit gums, enriched with nutritional supplements such as vitamins and other nutrients. While the global markets for traitional fruit gums seem saturated and offer only relatively low profit margins, the market for the so-called „medicated gums“ is growing steadily.

Combine production safety and texture of the product

The Mogul process is well established in the art of making fruit gums on gelatine basis. The flexible use of stamps offers the manufacturers many possibilities concerning size and shapes in order to be able to respond quickly to new customer wishes with their products. In the production of enriched fruit gums, on the other hand, the focus is increasingly on production safety and hygiene. As soon as special nutrients or even pharmaceutical substances are included in the recipe, there is a risk of cross-contamination by starch. This could be prevented by a complete replacement of the starch powder between two production runs – however, time and costs would not be acceptable. Another disadvantage of traditional production is the long production time, in particular the duration of drying.
The solution to overcome this problem is starch-free production. This works very well with gelling agents such as pectin or carrageenan. However, the products thus produced do not have the texture that is decisive for the buyer besides the good taste. Gelatine, with its spe-cial characteristics, provides the typical, elastic bite and the pleasant melting behaviour that is so much appreciated by consumers.
WDSTherefore, Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH in cooperation with GELITA AG and Hänsel Processing GmbH has developed the world’s first process that enables the starch-free production of fruit gums based on gelantine. The new technology has been specially designed to ensure rapid gelation and demoulding. The new depositor from WDS is precisely tailored to the requirements of the new technology and, in addition to depositing and demoulding also permits other process steps such as oiling and sugaring of fruit gums.



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