Trade fair review ProSweets 2019

„Our trade fair concept was a complete success!“


The centre of attention was the ConfecPRO type 670
production line


A main highlight at the ProSweets 2019 was the presentation of the ConfecPRO type 670 chocolate production line. The concept of the plant is addressed to confectionery manufacturers who want to target a medium to high output quantity – but at the same time are planning a subsequent growth-oriented expansion of the plant right from the start.

Managing Director Rainer Runkel, Sales Manager Thomas Kleppel and the rest of the WDS trade fair team explained the advantages of this system type to interested visitors on the days of the fair.

“Concerning the ConfecPRO type 670, we are talking about a production capacity of up to 5,000 kg per hour. Important here is the wide range of different chocolate products that can be produced. The greatest possible product flexibility is a particular concern for our customers,” says the WDS Managing Director.  “For confectionery manufacturers, the ConfecPRO type 670 is definitely a future-oriented investment because the modular design allows for subsequent and easy expansion that can be carried out at any time and with very little effort.

Sales Manager Thomas Kleppel also pointed out the advantages to the customers: “Like all machines from WDS, this system is durable, of high-quality design that meets the highest hygienic requirements thanks to the EasyClean execution.”

When asked about the effort involved in converting to a different product, he explains: “From the very outset, the ConfecPRO type 670 was designed in such a way that changeover times can be kept as short as possible. This is due to, among other things, its particularly good accessibility, and the fact that almost all parts of the system that come into contact with the product masses can be replaced without any tools”.


A positive outcome with a vision for the future

prosweets messestand
The WDS- booth at the ProSweets 2019

As in previous years, ProSweets 2019 was a great success for the confectionery machinery manufacturer. This was confirmed by all participants of the WDS trade fair team. “The past few days have shown that our trade fair concept has been a complete success”, sums up Rainer Runkel, Managing Director of WDS, shortly after the end of the trade fair.

Now, directly after the trade fair, the follow-up work begins. In addition to the intensive exchange with existing clients, a large number of discussions with new customers took place on all days, concrete business transactions were concluded and international contacts were made.

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