Fast Forward Process

One concept. Three partners. Many key benefits.

  • The new depositing line

    WDS globally known for its diversity in confectionery depositing has applied their longterm expertise in starchless moulding.

    The result is a modern depositing line tailored to the needs of the >>P technology enabling depositing and de-moulding of the products along with other process steps such as oiling or sanding the products.

  • The new cooking process

    Hänsel Processing GmbH, with more than 100 years of experience in the market, is one of the leading companies for sugar confectionery processing lines.

    Customers’ and our own ideas about confectionery production are brought into life in the technological CandyLab. R & D results are always integrated into new or advanced machines, installations and procedures and definitely contribute to ensure the economic success of the customer on their respective markets.

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  • The new formulation

    As global leader in gelatine and collagen protein production, GELITA developed an innovative formulation to enable fast setting and immediate de-molding in starch-free gelatine gummy production.

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