The ingenious machine concept

Limited. Variable.

For chocolate and gum and jelly


Diverse. Variable. Efficient.

  • Highlights
    • Wide variety of chocolate and/or jelly products
    • Flexible plant layouts thanks to modular design
    • Maintenance and cleaning during operation
    • Innovative transport system takes over additional functions such as lifting, vibration or ribbon depositing movements
    • Chainless mould conveyor for maximum hygiene and cycle independence
    • VarioCABINET: Individual shelves in the cooling cabinet that can be removed without tools
    • Optimum accessibility
    • Unrestricted process observation
    • Very short changeover times


Variable dwell times for cooling, warming, holding and buffering of products.



  • The moulds are loaded and unloaded from a rotating rack system by gantry kinematics
  • Chainless design


  • Freely selectable dwell times
  • Optimised airflow thanks to modern airflow simulation
  • Constant, reproducible cooling results on all levels


  • Easy accessibility to all areas of the VarioCABINET
  • Shelves can be removed from the VarioCABINET without tools

High-precision pouring.
Mould carrier with lifting function & newly defined vibration function

Merging of the depositing process and the vibration function with an innovative mould carrier.

  • Vibrate during depositing
  • Horizontal, vertical and combined vibration immediately after depositing without loss of time
  • Precise ribbon deposit thanks to millimetre-accurate movement of the mould carrier
  • Multiple depositing in rows with lifting function
  • Combinable lift and vibration function

mould conveyor

VarioTRACK enables different speeds within a single plant. The mould carriers can be moved and positioned individually with millimetre precision.

  • Chainless, precise mould conveyor
  • Transport with variable speed sections
  • New plant layouts possible with switch systems










Listening to You!

Listening, understanding and finding the best paths – that's our strength!

Starting with your product idea, we develop the suitable plant concept for a ConfecVARIO in close cooperation with you. In the process, we address your individual needs and adapt the plant together with you.

Diverse product options. Implementing new ideas easily

A wide range of chocolate and jelly products with just one plant type.


  • Produce different chocolate & jelly products in parallel or alternately
  • Chainless version for fast cleaning between product types
  • Short changeover times by bypassing plant parts not used
Different speeds 
during ongoing production

The slowest process does not affect the overall plant speed.


  • Different speed ranges for optimum processing of part functions
  • Conveyor can be switched over from intermittent to continuous within millimetres
  • Short set-up and cleaning times
  • Increased plant output by having processes run in parallel
Modularity. Flexibility. Diversity.

Completely new plant layouts and flexibility in the diversity of process steps and their arrangement.


  • New plant layouts thanks to track switch system as well as 90° and 180° curves
  • Modular extendibility for the fast, later addition of process steps such as chocolate shell edge formation
  • Lift/lower function and mould vibration can be switched on by software anywhere in the plant
Variable output quantities. 
Tailored individually

Flexible production processes for medium to high capacities possible on the same plant.


  • Different mould circuits can be combined flexibly
  • Plant parts only required for one special product are run through, which saves on cleaning
  • Specific adaptation of the number of moulds to a product since free sections are travelled over more quickly

Diverse plant layouts

Compared to chain-driven plants, ConfecVARIO makes it possible to have a variety of plant layouts and is extremely space-saving at the same time. The innovative transport system can take over additional functions, such as ribbon depositing movements, lifting functions or vertical and horizontal vibration movements. Processes can be performed completely asynchronously: The transport of the mould carriers is no longer dependent on a workstation.

All-round convenient operation

The transparent panel of ConfecVARIO offers almost unlimited possibilities for process observation. The innovative lighting concept makes it possible to display faults, errors or information about the plant status directly at the source of the error. This minimises troubleshooting times and makes it possible to react at short notice. The modular design makes all necessary points in the production process easily accessible. The simple assembly of the mould carriers ensures the shortest possible changeover times. This means that the plant is ready for operation in just a few minutes.

Unrestricted process monitoring
Innovative lighting concept
Intuitive operator interface with WDS Cockpit