Various accessories for the manufacture of specific products and their post-treatment as well as for starch powder treatment.

Starch tray inserting magazine

Possibility for automatic insertion of starch trays, i.e. for depositing weight verification.

Starch tray ejection magazine and starch sprinkler

Possibility for automatic ejection of starch trays, i.e. for depositing weight verification.

Starch sprinkler for the additional cover of the final deposited products comprising:

  • Starch hopper
  • Dosing device
  • Storage system for surplus starch
  • Alternatively with automatic starch circuit
  • Automatic starch loading out of starch drying circuit
Cyclone screener

For the additional cleaning of the starch powder when using critical masses. Different executions of the cyclone screener (single head-, double head execution) depending on customer’s requirement.

Final product cleaning

Installation of additional product cleaning for the removal of the remaining starch powder prior to the oiling or sugaring of the products.

  • Frame/claddings in stainless steel
  • Transport out of stainless steel with separate imbalance-drive (oscillating conveyor)
  • Adjustable transport speed
  • Blowing nozzle crosses above the transport, adjustable in height
  • Blowing nozzle crosses below the transport
  • Drive of the blowing nozzle crosses:
    • Up to 2,5 t/h: back stroke principle
    • As from 2,5 t/h: electrical
  • Exhaust hopper can be connected to starch suction of Mogul plant

Stainless steel oiling drums for the continuous oiling and polishing of the product.

  • With continuous speed adjustment of the rotating drum
  • Inlet, outlet and outer cladding are executed in stainless steel
  • With sorting out of small parts (“tails”)
  • With obliquely disposed guide plates for the automatic emptying of the machine for reversing the direction of rotation
  • With built-in switch cabinet and control
  • With pump for pumping liquid polishing
  • Infinitely adjustable

Sugaring drum made in stainless steel, for the sugaring of products, comprising:

  • Vibration device
  • Wire mesh conveyor belt with steaming hood
  • Collection sheet with outlet
  • Insertion coil
  • Sugaring drum with cap
  • Reservoir for sugar with vibration dosing
  • With built-in switch cabinet and control
Washing cart

Washing cart for the easier cleaning of the pump systems at extracted position of depositor.

Service cart

Service cart for easier exchange of nozzle bars and program parts.