WDS at Interpack 2023

ConfecECO: The entry line into series production

ConfecECO is the entry line into serial production and is aimed at aspiring companies and smaller manufactures. In addition to the production of chocolate products, the ConfecECO series is also suitable for pectin, toffee and fondant products. With a production capacity of up to 600 kg/hour for chocolate and 300 kg/hour for jelly products depending on the mass type, product size and weight, ConfecECO is the ideal machine to fulfil the special requirements of the target group. The range of products that can be produced on this line includes solid and filled sweets of different sizes along with the use of silicone or polycarbonate moulds. This machine type is also suitable for the production of gum and jelly products with added food supplements. A ConfecECO in jelly configuration with post-treatment will be on display at interpack. Orderly demoulding will be demonstrated live.

ConfecVARIO: Chocolate products, jelly products & OTC sweets with just a single machine

ConfecVARIO is a new, highly innovative machine concept for the production of chocolate products, gum and jelly sweets as well as OTC sweets. With ConfecVARIO, WDS has moved beyond concepts of conventional confectionery machines and is setting standards in the production of today and tomorrow. The novel, chainless drive system with switch technology enables maximum flexibility and a variety of new plant layouts. Variable production of different products and masses in different line sections is also possible. To cool, heat and hold the polycarbonate moulds, ConfecVARIO is equipped with the innovative, chainless VarioCABINET multifunctional cabinet.

The excellent accessibility of the plant enables optimal and accelerated maintenance and cleaning work, which can often be carried out partially and during operation thanks to the innovative control concept.

Taking into account all relevant hygienic aspects, the ConfecVARIO is also available as a qualified production plant for OTC sweets according to customer requirements. Customers and visitors at interpack will be able to see the advantages for themselves on a fully assembled ConfecVARIO in chocolate configuration.

sweetOTC – Complete solutions for actively effective sweets

With the WDS division “sweetOTC”, the company is one of the leading suppliers of technologies and machines for the production of actively effective OTC sweets and supplements.

 In this area, WDS offers its customers complete solutions in a customised, GMP-qualified design. This includes brainstorming, the development of individual confectionery products, customised production processes, ensuring the exact and reproducible dosing of active ingredients as well as a comprehensive after-sales service.

To meet the requirements from this area as well as others, the WDS technical centre, specialised in the development of new and the optimisation of existing depositing and moulding processes in confectionery production, has been expanded considerably.

In addition to the latest laboratory depositors and pilot equipment, the technical centre also houses a showroom with production plants such as a ConfecECO and a ConfecVARIO.

Product development and manufacturing for new (growth) markets

The latest WDS laboratory depositor for product development and manufacturing in the sweetOTC environment will also be presented at interpack. To avoid contamination and cross-contamination, the EasyClean concept has been further developed and optimised. Together with risk assessment (FMEA) and a qualification concept in accordance with applicable GMP regulations, this new generation of WDS laboratory depositors is ideal for anyone who wants to tap into the opportunities and growth potential of new markets in the field of innovative and alternative dosage forms.

Starch-free WDS production technology for manufacturing gum and jelly products with functional properties

One of the key topics for WDS at interpack will be starch-free production under GMP conditions. Fruit gums and jelly products have a very high acceptance among consumers. The market for such dietary supplements and OTC products has developed equally rapidly. Since the conventional production of fruit gum confectionery with mould starch does not meet the strict hygienic GMP regulations, WDS has developed a new and innovative plant technology for depositing and demoulding in polycarbonate moulds especially for the production of OTC fruit gum products.

The most important aspects of this technology include the high-precision spraying of the mould cavities prior to depositing, a particularly precise dosing process for the mass and the orderly demoulding of the products from the mould in a way that is gentle on the product.