Mogul plants with regimented
product discharge

Mogul plants type 462B/1 GL with regimented product discharge

  • Characteristics
    • Optional continuous or intermittent tray transport, depending on product requirements
    • Large selection of depositors, two-stroke or full tray technique, Mono, One-Shot, Starlight with filling
    • Brushless execution of the complete plant
    • Triangular tray turning device
    • Special extractable product cleaning
    • Regimented discharge onto wire mesh belt
    • Most efficient height adjustable product pre-cleaning
    • Depositing chain outside the product area
    • High plant availability
    • Low maintenance i.e. by programmable single servo-electrical drives
    • Execution in accordance with explosion prevention
    • Easy operation and highest hygienic level
  • Technical data
    • Plant speed up to 22 trays / min
    • Working height 1370 mm
    • Tray dimensions 790 - 828 x 360 - 420 mm
    • Stacking height starch trays up to 3200 mm
    • Steel pallets for 2 or 3 stacks
    • Up to 12 colours/flavours each depositor
    • Pump system depending on product data, i.e.
      • Full-tray system up to 22 x 38 pistons
      • Multiple-tray system up to 14 x 42 pistons


Pallet conveyor

Possible executions:

  • Straight feed
  • Lateral feed
  • Feed via rotary plate
  • Connection to automatic transport system
Starch tray loaded with destacker
  • The pallets with tray stacks are transported automatically into an unloading position of the loader.
  • Each one chain running left and right in the guide rails of the frame walls is equipped with grippers.
  • In each cycle one pair of grippers Catches a stack of up to 7 starch trays.
  • The starch trays are taken out by a lift latch device from the starch tray pack and put into the feeding system of the Mogul plant.
  • Maximum stacking height is 3.300 mm.
Wire mesh depowdering station
  • Special triangular turning device with tray clamp
  • Product depowdering onto circulating wire mesh in regimented formation.
  • Tray return unit by 2 return arms
  • Pre cleaning of products with adjustable suction nozzles
  • Height adjustable blowing nozzle for product cleaning by air
  • Straight, regimented product discharge
  • Product discharge height approx. 1090 mm
Starch tray filling and printing section
  • Starch powder transport from wire mesh depowdering station to tray filling station.
  • Circulating conveyor device (conveyor screws) which is transporting and uniformly spreading the starch powder into the tray. Excess powder is recirculated.
  • Starch powder compression by adjustable blades
  • Servo-electrically controlled stamping operation with tray cleaning
  • Multiple-stroke depositors
  • One-Stroke Mono depositors
  • One-Stroke One-Shot depositors
  • One-Stroke Starlight with filling depositors
  • Depositors laterally extractable
  • Depositors in “EasyClean” execution
Stacker with part stacker
  • The starch trays are taken out by a lift handle device from the chain and put onto each other in the magazine.
  • Afterwards the stacked tray is taken by a pair of grippers and repositioned onto the pallet