The new dimension in gum and jelly production


Efficient. Modular. Future-oriented.

  • Features
    • Loose mould plant for fast mould exchanges without tools
    • Spraying:
      • Precise spraying into the product cavities only (prevents unnecessary contamination of the moulds)
      • Low spray volume per cavity for best possible sugaring or oiling of the end product
    • Depositing:
      • Maximum depositing accuracy thanks to precision in-house manufacturing and wear-resistant materials
      • Very short dwell times of the mass until depositing.
      • WDS SmartPipe technology permits weight-accurate depositing of viscous recipes (high Brix masses); no traditional open mass hoppers
      • SmartPipe permits fast, effective and fully automated cleaning
    • Cooling:
      • Immediate cooling after depositing without mould removal
      • Space-saving cooling thanks to the paternoster principle
      • Targeted air routing and humidity control for optimum results
    • Demoulding:
      • Well-ordered demoulding to prevent products from sticking together
      • Well-ordered shaping maintained into the product post-treatment stage
      • Gentle product handling
    • Fulfils the highest hygiene requirements (option: as a validated plant)
    • Fast on-site installation and easy extension thanks to the decentralised control principle and modular components
  • Technical data
    • Mould size 860 mm x 450 x max. 35 mm
    • Plant speed up to 25 moulds/min
    • Output at 5.5 g/product up to 3.8 t/h (depending on product and speed)
    • Working height 1 000 mm

ConfecPRO Highlights

Operator touch panel

Intuitive operation and recipe memory.

Depositing tool

Comfortable change of the nozzle plate.

Cooling cabinet

Upward and downward part (2 zones).


Optimum accessibility.

Depositor section


Well-ordered demoulding

Well-ordered demoulding onto a discharge belt that is gentle on the product.