LifeCycleCare - 24/7 service

  • Contact the WDS 24/7 service at:
  • Find your plant number (PIN):

    The WDS plant number, e.g. W123456, becomes PIN 123456. The W has no meaning.

    For old plants, for example, the four-digit plant number 1234 becomes PIN 001234.

    You can find the plant number in different ways:

  • Via circuit diagram ↓

    The WDS plant number matches the circuit diagram number and can be found on each page of the circuit diagram on the right-hand side of the footer:


  • Via type plate ↓

    The WDS plant number can be found on the type plate.

    This is located on each depositor or additionally on the main switch cabinet. On Mogul plants, the type plate can be found on the starch section, depending on the version.

  • Via the plant visualisation (HMI) ↓

    The plant number can also be read on the service page of the visualisation.

Advantages of the 24/7 service

Our WDS 24/7 service is a valuable feature offered as part of our LifeCycleCare Advanced programme. Should your plant fail due to an electrotechnical problem, our specialists are available to you at any time.

  • - Constant availability of WDS experts (24 hours)
  • - Fastest possible troubleshooting
  • - Reduction of costs by minimizing unexpected downtimes
  • - Direct access to all bus systems (Profinet, MPI/Profibus, serial communication…)
  • - Firewall-friendly hardware, very easy to operate due to outgoing connection
  • - Highest safety standards (OpenVPN 2.0 via SSL UDP or HTTPS) encrypted data communication (SSL – 2048-bit keys)
  • - Low costs at high efficiency in case of an electronic fault

More information about WDS-LifeCycleCare.