LifeCycleCare - 24/7 service

Advantages of the 24/7 service

Our WDS 24/7 service is a valuable feature offered as part of our LifeCycleCare Advanced programme. Should your plant fail due to an electrotechnical problem, our specialists are available to you at any time.

  • - Constant availability of WDS experts (24 hours)
  • - Fastest possible troubleshooting
  • - Reduction of costs by minimizing unexpected downtimes
  • - Direct access to all bus systems (Profinet, MPI/Profibus, serial communication…)
  • - Firewall-friendly hardware, very easy to operate due to outgoing connection
  • - Highest safety standards (OpenVPN 2.0 via SSL UDP or HTTPS) encrypted data communication (SSL – 2048-bit keys)
  • - Low costs at high efficiency in case of an electronic fault

More information about WDS-LifeCycleCare.