The ingenious machine concept

Grenzenlos. Variabel.

Für Schokolade und Gummi und Gelee


Diverse. Variable. Efficient.

  • Highlights
    • Wide variety of chocolate and/or jelly products
    • Flexible plant layouts thanks to modular design
    • Maintenance and cleaning during operation
    • Innovative transport system takes over additional functions such as lifting, vibration or ribbon depositing movements
    • Chainless mould conveyor for maximum hygiene and cycle independence
    • VarioCABINET: Individual shelves in the cooling cabinet that can be removed without tools
    • Optimum accessibility
    • Unrestricted process observation
    • Very short changeover times


Variable dwell times for cooling, warming, holding and buffering of products.



  • The moulds are loaded and unloaded from a rotating rack system by gantry kinematics
  • Chainless design


  • Freely selectable dwell times
  • Optimised airflow thanks to modern airflow simulation
  • Constant, reproducible cooling results on all levels


  • Easy accessibility to all areas of the VarioCABINET
  • Shelves can be removed from the VarioCABINET without tools

Mould carrier with integrated lift & vibration function

High-precision depositing with simplified lifting of the mould. Immediate vibration, e.g. directly after depositing.

    • Horizontal, vertical and combined vibration during and immediately after the depositing process 
    • Noiseless vibration without insulation cladding
  • VarioLIFT: The mould, as the lightest element, is moved under the depositor section.
  • VarioDEPOSIT:
    • Multiple depositing in rows with lifting function
    • Exact positioning of each mould carrier below the rigid depositor head, e.g. for ribbon deposit

Chainless mould conveyor

VarioTRACK transports individual moulds on a mould carrier. The switch technology enables independent transport of the moulds to different sections of the plant, various speeds and flexible mould grouping and separation. This means that the number of moulds for one plant can be significantly reduced.

  • Chainless transport: precise movement of individual moulds
  • Flexible speeds: No delay due to rigid chain segments
  • Innovative, new plant layouts: Switch systems and individual mould conveyors make previously impossible, efficient plant layouts a reality