A plant concept with lots of advantages

For chocolate production, the ConfecPRO offers a whole range of proven advantages. The concept of the plant is addressed to confectionery manufacturers who want to target a medium to high output quantity – together with a scheduled growth-oriented expansion of the plant right from the beginning. With a plant speed of up to 25 moulds per minute, depending on product, mould size and speed, a production capacity of up to 5,000 kg per hour is possible.

Its design is modular and, together with decentralized electrical control of the plant components, ensures both small expenditure during the initial assembly as well as during later expansion.

High quality, effective & future proof

ConfecPRO allows the production of a variety of chocolate products: e.g. solid or filled, as well as bars, pralines and others. The plant allows comfortable maintenance and cleaning friendly access through doors over the entire frame height. These doors are made of splinter-proof polycarbonate for unlimited process monitoring. Change of program parts is simple: by untighten only one central clamping device, these operations are very short. ConfecPRO is equipped in standard with an EasyClean depositor.

Considered in detail - including HMI visualization

At 1,000 mm, working height is comfortable and the well-considered, functional construction as well as the good accessibility (ground clearance is at least 350 mm) ensure ergonomic handling in daily operation. Except from motors and servo-drives the plant is lacquer-free and hygienic. Furthermore, the EasyClean concept, free accessibility and its good insight into dirty areas contribute to the highest hygienic requirements. A modern and robust touch panel displays the various control options clearly and logically and thus offers an intuitive operation to the plant staff