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WDS SmartDevices

The WDS SmartMould presented at the Interpack 2017, a production mould equipped with sensor technology for recording process parameters, has been continuously developed further in recent years with regard to its handling.

In the meantime, our SmartMould is able to detect and warn of unusual influences through Machine Learning, without the need to manually create a rule. These warnings can subsequently be manually classified to refine the analysis.

This facilitates the teach-in of the SmartMould enormously, as all limit values for each mould position are set automatically and this already after approx. 10 plant rotations.

The figure on the right shows the automatically set positive (red) and negative (blue) limits.

The stamp pattern check WDS SmartEye, introduced in 2017 as well, has also proven itself on the market in recent years.

Here, filled starch trays are subjected to a continuous, visual inspection. Depending on the detected error pattern, the depositing process is automatically suspended and the tray is removed from the production process if necessary. This is possible due to the full integration into our plant control.

Reduced delivery times for program parts

Due to the ever faster moving project business and the associated requirements for delivery times, our internal processes and production capacities have been continuously optimized and expanded in recent months. These measures have enabled us to reduce the standard delivery times for simple mono-program parts, for one-shot program parts and also for extremely complex tasks by approximately 30%.

Inspection Service

To reduce travel costs for worldwide service visits, our registration portal for WDS Inspection Service went online in April. On this portal you have the possibility to make a non-binding reservation for predefined service slots and save up to 30% of travel costs by combining the assignments. The free and non-binding registration for 2021 runs until 01.10.2020 and can be made via this link. Here you will also find a detailed description and further information.